Sunday, June 9, 2013

I have been so insanely busy. Been trying to write a quick post. Just been running and doing the mom things. Never a dull moment.

My strength has increased tremendously from last year. I was out last weekend with other ultra runners on a training run. We ran a 20 mile 5600 feet vertical run. I pretty much PR'd this out and back we ran. And I was just at cruising pace. Didn't realize my time when  I got done. Definitely a confidence booster.
I have another 50 miler soon, it is tough. Lots of vertical in hot sun. Can't wait.

I have been enjoying summer fruits. We bought a case of donut peaches and nectarines. I was in pure sugar bliss. And the strawberries and been fab too. They go great in oatmeal.

I might pick up a 50k here in two weeks. This is a great run. I know the trail very well. That helps a lot.

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