Friday, August 17, 2012

How does a busy mom and endurance athlete eat healthy day in and day out?  Preparation and some planning.
Actually what I eat changes with the season. Whatever is in season is what I eat and if I come up with a great seasonal recipe I will eat it for the next few weeks. Then on to the next recipe.

I buy my organic/non-gmo beans and rice/quinoa in bulk.  I make a huge batch of rice and keep it in a bowl that lasts for about 3 days. And the beans I soak over night and cook up a big batch too. When I want some I just put the rice and beans in a steamer basket and it takes like two mintues to warm it up. So for busy people this is a good idea too.  I am just not into canned beans or minute rice.  Tyically I like to prepare my food that day but if I know my days will be busy making a bunch ahead of time works well!

Today we did a fruit and veggie haul. We have a great organic wholesaler. With a family of 5 it helps.  Here is what we got:
1 case blueberries
1 case raspberries
1 case plout
1 case of yellow grape toms
1/2 case cauliflower
1/2 case broccoli
1 case tuscan cantaloupe
1/2 case cantaloupe
1 case greens
1 case yams
1 case valenica

Today's menu:
breakfast -oatmeal (GF oats)- on top is apples, raisins, walnuts, maple syrup.
lunch - cantaloup and nectarines (ohhhh heavenly)
dinner - salad with tomatoes and beans


  1. Hi, Kathleen. :) I agree about the peacefulness (lack of panic over a lack of ripe fruit ;-) that comes with having cooked foods available to eat anytime. I think the variety (and comfort & satiation) of cooked foods is soothing.

    Your oatmeal sounds heavenly!!

    Have you seen the recipe for Jeff Novick's rice-bean-oat burgers on Dr. McDougall's forum? They're really good!

    It does seem like we're marinating in a chemical soup some days. Still, since everything is essentially made of the same stuff in essence, I like to imagine it's all got the potential to be innocuous. Somehow that idea makes me feel better. ;-)


  2. Ooh Thanks Kim, I will check into that black bean burger!