Sunday, September 9, 2012

I made a black bean burger for the family.  Everyone liked it.  Very simple ingredients and full of flavor. All I did was add black beans in a bowl, with some green peppers, yams, and onion. I added cumin for the spice. Mush up real good and form into patties.  It doesn't hold together very well so if you want something like this to put on a bun then I think adding some oats to it to hold it together better.

Our summer has been one of the driest in a long time.  And warm.  So our growing season here is awesome.  Best garden I have ever had.   I have been foraging my meals daily from what I grow. In the garden I have a ton of cukes, kale, peas, and potatoes.  And we have acres of wild blackberries.  I have been freezing a lot of berries.  Nothing like eating fresh picked fruit and greens.  This is how we all should eat year around.  From your own garden.  Unfortuately, I can't. Though people do so now I have to try to figure that out.

I have 5 pumpkins growing too! And they are already turning orange.  Last year I waited until mid October for my pumpkis to turn orange and they never did. So I carved them green.. They still looked cool.  Last years growing season wasn't as warm.

Running is going great.  Hoping to pick up a race in October.  Didn't do the 100 miler.  So I will try one here again soon.  I am in such great running shape right now and if I can keep it that way going into my 100 I should do REALLY well.   

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