Saturday, September 29, 2012

These are HUGE organic keitt mangos.  And so super orange and sweet!  I got these by the case for cheap so I bought 10 cases.  We ate a few cases but they all came ripe at once so I froze most of them.  They make great ice cream for the kids.  And I picked a ton of blackberries off my property and froze 3 large bags of them.  So I have a good amount of frozen fruit. Mango and blackberry and oj go great together in a smoothie for kids.  And make a great combo for ice cream too!

So here is sample of my meals. 
Breakfast - oatmeal with handful of walnuts, raisins, maple syrup, one banana, some berries and a handful of granola cereal.  If I have a long run then I add more fruit.  I love this breakfast.  I get the fast carbs from the fruit and then the slow carbs from the oats.  I tend not to have to bring extra fuel on my run when I eat this. I run about 2 hours after this meal.

lunch - this is still my biggest meal of the day and  it varries what I eat.  Usually some type of bean with a potato  or rice with steamed veggies and tomatoes.  I vary this up alot with different beans, tubers and veggies.  Never dull. I am loving my bean burgers too.  And I wait about a 1/2 hour and have a piece of fruit.  If  I don't run that day then I omit the potato or rice and add more veggies. 

So that whole food combining thing has gone out the window.  The other day I had a 20 mile run.  I had my usual breakfast and lunch and when I was done my body wanted something sweet. So I listened to it. Immediately after my bean and rice lunch I had on huge sweet cantaloupe. I had no issues at all.


  1. Very interesting :) can you post how much fruit you eat now? Also what are some dinners now. Also when and how you make your mylk?

  2. Hi Aubrey,
    I eat way less fruit now. I eat some fruit in my oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch I eat some fruit after my meal, like 1 cantaloupe or 2 apples or a bowl of nectarines. About 200-300 calories worth of fruit. My dinners really vary. Depending how active I am. Sometimes I eat another bowl of oatmeal, or have a salad with some fruit or just a green drink. My milk is the only processed food I drink. It is hemp milk in a carton. I drink if for the vitamin D and b12.