Thursday, December 6, 2012

Doesn't this look pretty? This was one of my lunches. I bought some purple potatoes and combined them with yams.  I like the colors togethers.
I just bought a case of yams. These have been great for running fuel. Along with orange juice.

I am building up my running mileage again. I backed way off on my running in Sept/Oct. As I usually do every year. I averaged about 30 miles a week. I still maintained a good base.  I feel this time off helps prevent injuries and lets your body rest.  Over training is not good for the body. I feel so rested and ready for some spring races. 

breakfast - yams and apples
run 10 miles
lunch - yams and apples (needed to eat this again.  I have to help out at the junior high basketball practice. Have to scrimmage with them. They are short players) should be fun.
dinner - will be quinoa, steam veggies, black bean burger and a green drink (kale/oj/carrots)

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