Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring is here and we are getting our garden ready.  We live in the foothills so we have to be careful planting too early. Next week I will put in peas and greens. We will start with that. Then May 1st, corn, pumpkins, squash and cukes will go in. I had a great crop last year.  That soil is our own compost. Majority is from organic scraps. This soil is so soft and rich. Happy place to be if you are a seed!

I'm patiently waiting for my case of tomatoes to ripen.  I'm going to make stuffed tomatoes. I usually stuff two cases but have only one.  When they are done I put them in a big container and we have dinner for the next few nights. I have an idea what will go into them. Something new I want to try. Last year I did mango, clinatro, pineapple, lime, and avocado. It was delish! We have no mangoes so will have to come up with something different.

Three weeks until my 50 miler. Looking forward to my first race of the year. I feel great, no injuries. Only a tweeked ankle. Nothing big though.  I tweeked it many months ago. Ankles are such a pain. Once you tweek them, they are sensitive and so easy to re-tweek. I think I have re-tweeked my ankle 3x last month. It does heal over night and I am good to go the next day. I have to be so careful on the trail. It is so rocky where I live.

On my run today, I was thinking how much I have been enjoying running the last 3 years, more so than the other 20 years I have been running. Biggest reason is never taking my running watch with me. I used to be so into what pace I was running etc and if I could beat my old time on a running loop. I don't know, but it just got old. Didn't make if fun. I know so many runners who are so into their running data, time, pace, miles, vertical.  I could care less about time and pace. I just go out and run the trails. I do though keep track of my miles. Only the last two years and really out of curiosity on how many miles I get in a year. Most of the trails I run, I know the distance it is from point A to B so I do not bring a GPS with me. So yeah, it is very freeing not being tied to a watch and just enjoying every moment on the trail.

Today's menu and miles
breakfast - oatmeal, raisin, and maple syrup also some almond yogurt
run - 11 miles 2400' vertical
lunch - quinoa, veggie bruger, broccoli, kale, tomatoes
dinner - gigantic fresh juice of carrots, granny smith apples and fuji apples

Yes, still doing my 100 squats a day.

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  1. Hey Kathleen,

    Enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing. And good luck now on the race, hope you'll be posting about how it goes!

    Greetings from Budapest,