Tuesday, August 13, 2013

 One of my favorite fruit meals is bananas and blueberries. Great pre-run combo!
 On top of the peak. I busted out of the cloud layer and found sun.
Another great combo too!

Been MIA for awhile. Summer has been so warm. Been enjoying every minute of it.

Running is going great. I am now tapering for my first 100 miler. It is in 1 1/2 weeks. So looking forward to it.  This week is short hill climbs. I don't want to waste my legs. Now is the time for rest and repair.

My meals are now fruit for breakfast, starch or guinoa with a veggie burger for lunch and another fruit meal for dinner.  Once race day approaches I will do only fruit for 3-4 days prior. This keeps me very hydrated. You will not see me eating spaghetti the night before the race. All that grain and salty, garlicky spaghetti sauce only makes me super hydrated for race morning. Not only that I can't stand that stuff. I wake up with foul breath. I prefer to make my on sauce and put it on cucumber noodles.

I will post of few more times before next weekend to let you guys know how I prepare for endurances races. Stay tuned!

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