Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We got the best deal on organic navel oranges, $22 a box of 72.  I bought two cases. These were the best ever! I typically don't eat oranges, I juice them. In order for me to eat them they need to be super sweet and juicy, I'm picky about that.  So these were great! Just like candy, unreal. And we got a box of fujis that were sooo sweet too.

And the romas were not too bad either.  Had to wait for them to come ripe, took about a week. So I also ordered a case of grape tomatoes to eat first then when they are gone, the romas will be ready.

Simple, easy salad. One head of red leaf, tomatoes and squirt a fresh orange on it. My favorite. I do not like complicated salad dressing. I can't stand, oily, vinegary, garlic dressing. Yuck! I wake up with foul breath, ewww!

Went on a run with a friend I haven't seen in awhile. She's an awesome ultra runner. It was last minute thing and had I known I was running with her I would not have done a 17 miler with hills the day before along with my squats. I didn't have the freshest legs so I had to dig deep. We did three summits that were quad burners. The pic is of our last summit. Windy and chilly but an amazing view.

Today's menu
breakfast - huge stack of pancakes, with peanut butter and lots of maple syrup. (about two hours before my run).  This is just the best pre-run, stick to your ribs, breakie for a long, hill run.

run - 15 miles, 3700 vertical, brought dried fruit for fuel and a few potatoes

lunch - quinoa, steamed veggies, kale, tomatoes, veggie burger, garbanzo beans.  A huge bowl of food and I ate every bite.

dinner - 5 navel oranges

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