Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am still doing my 100 squats every day. Some days are way harder, especially after running hills. I know they really helping me with my running. I ran 24 miles on Sunday and felt great! The squats are getting legs muscles that running doesn't not get very much, like the inner thighs.  After my long run, next three days I spent it on hill work. My legs are very tired right now. Today I will do hill work then rest for two days.  I also  do my best for back to back rest days. This I think is so important.  If I rest,eat and sleep well, my recover time is fast. And my muscles get some to mend and get stronger.

Yesterdays' menu and workout

breakfast - big bowl of steel cut oatmeal with banana, blueberry, handful of granola and maple syrup
run - 8 miles of hillwork
lunch - steamed kale topped with tomatoes, broccoli and garbazno beans with a side of red potatoes
dinner - huge green drink (kale, apple and oranges) and more potatoes

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