Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I love making things from scratch.  Lately I have been trying to perfect the gluten free vegan pancakes for my kids.   I had been buying pre-made in a box. But it is costly and it has so much freakin' sodium!

I do have  picky child. And this recipe got a thumbs up from her. That is huge.

This amount made 6 medium pancakes.  My kids said they were soft and fluffy. That is good, right?

3/4 quinoa flour
1/2 coconut flour
1/2 rice flour
1/2 tb baking soda
1tb of arrow root
2-3 tb of sugar (this you can substitute any sweetner you like, agave, maple syrup) I just used sugar to start with and I will probably eventually try maple syrup. Hope it will pass the taste test from my picky one.
 And don't forget the milk. Not all milk is created equal. Hemp milk is more thicker whereas rice milk is more watered down. I actully use both kinds. I haven't measurd out the exact amount but I usually just pour enough to get a good consistency. And I sometimes mix both milks together.

I am not a bread eater, I don't like the feeling of dough on the bottom of my gut. So I don't ever eat it. When I do my really long, hilly runs I want a big breakfast and limit the amount of fuel I take with me. I actually fuel predomiately with fruit during my runs but fruit is minimal now.  My two hearty fav pre-run breakfast are oatmeal with granola and fruit and yams/apples.  I have been experimenting with the pancakes. I am gluten free so when I finally found a good recipe I thought I would give eating pancakes a shot again. Like I said I have not eaten bread or pancakes in 5 years.

I had 4 medium pancakes with peanut butter and maple syrup the morning of my long, hilly run.  This stayed with me and gave me plenty of energy. I was out for 4 hours and it wasn't until the 3rd hour when I had a handful of dried figs. I didn't feel weighted down it digested just fine. So if I am out of yams and oatmeal at least I know I can eat pancakes. But again, not a fan of bread. The pancakes are really delicious though!

I know a lot of you like it when I write down my meals and exercise. So I will try to post more often
breakfast - 4 pancakes
run 4 hours with 3600' vertical
lunch - huge bowl of salsa (black bean, toms, corn, green peppers, lime, cilantro, olives) with veggies on the side
dinner - fruit meal of grapes and apples

breakfast - no breakfast
quick 7 mile run.  Too windy, trees were creakin'
lunch - yams, green beans, garbanzo beans, broccoli, tomatoes
dinner - 5 grapefruits. Found some great grapefruits

Finally we are able to make a run to our organic wholesaler so here is what our next load will be:

1 box of red apples (I will dehydrate  most of these for running fuel)
1 box of fuji apples
15lb carrots for juicing
3 boxes of oranges (for oj nd eating, oj is great for drinking while running)
40lb sweet potatoes (I alternate with yams)
8lb spinach for juicing
13lb roma tomatoes
12 heads of parsley for juicing
1/2 case of broccoli

Looking forward to when melon season is here. I love cantaloupes. I love sitting down and eating 2 huge cantaloupes after a run.

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