Monday, January 14, 2013

My vegan gluten free pancake recipe that I posted on my previous blog post is great for the kids.  Kids need more fat that us.  So for us big people, you can use only 2 tablespoons of the coconut flour and then add more of the rice and qunioa flour. And of course don't forget to add blueberries!

As usual, I try to take pics of my meals but forgot.

Today was supposed to be a nice hill workout in the mountains. The trail was icy! Forgot my microspikes.  I went up anyways, but that was stupid to do. It took me forever to get down. And I landed  on my ass.  Not a hard fall at all, but slow motion.  Lesson learned. Always bring my spikes when the ground is frozen!

Yesterday though had a great run. Breakfast I ate pancakes followed by some sweet potatoes.  Probably 700 calories. Waited at least two hours and headed out with a friend.  We ran 18 miles. Didn't need any fuel during the run. My breakfast kept me content. Felt great afterwards.  I wanted to keep going but had to get back home.

My lunch is always my biggest meal.  I cooked up a huge sweet potato, I love this stuff. My kids like to add dijon mustard to their potatoes. I also had garbanzo beans, I think this is my fav bean.  And I steamed up italian kale, onions, tomatoes with a veggie burger with cilantro and dill. This was in a huge bowl. I ate everybite.  Later that evening, I had a huge glass of green juice and ate 3 fuji apples.

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